Instructor Nancy Hibiske ReedNancy Hibiske Reed

Nancy Hibiske Reed left the corporate world in 2014 to focus on training dogs and riding horses.

Her current dogs include Hondo E. Lane (Dutch shepherd), Reiker Lee (white German shepherd dog) and Rin Tin Tins Independence (aka Rocky) (white German shepherd dog).

Nancy’s philosophy is that all training should enhance your relationship with your dog. Her dogs have earned multiple titles in Nosework (UKC, NACSW, C-WAGs), Tracking (AKC, SDA), Agility (UKC, AKC, CPE), Freestyle (WCFO), Weight Pull (UKC, IWPA) and Therapy Dog (TDI). She also enjoys dog sledding, bikejoring, hiking and camping with her dogs.

Nancy and her dogs are members of the Rockin’ Rovers, a west Michigan canine performance troupe that performs freestyle (dancing with dogs to music) routines for canine events, nursing homes, non-profits and parades. She is a founding member and committee chair for the annual Frosty Dog Follies, a freestyle competition put on by the Rockin’ Rovers.

She also enjoys collecting German shepherd dog memorabilia especially anything Rin Tin Tin and has a special affinity for Quonset huts.

Ellen WilsonInstructor Ellen Wilson

I became interested in dog training quite by accident, while taking a basic, pet obedience class. The year was 1980, and my first dog was a quiet natured, rough collie. One of our classmates was a rambunctious, chocolate Labrador Retriever, and the seed for my next dog was planted.

I acquired my first chocolate Lab several years later, and have never looked back. And, YES, my dog must be chocolate!

My current dog competes in three registries in the canine sports of Obedience and Rally Obedience, and has earned advanced titles in all. We have begun and enjoy a fairly new area of competition called Nosework. Lots of fun!
Instructor Ellen Wilson
Even though I have taught various classes for KDTC, I continue to learn by being a student myself. Teaching is rewarding because both the owners and their dogs can make positive progress. This is wonderful to see! My 35 years as a public school educator provided me with plenty of instructional experience.

My involvement in dog obedience and rally obedience has extended into judging 4H kids and dogs at local county fairs for many years. It's great to see these young people learning, training and competing. EXCELLENT.

Karen & Steve Stahr
Husband and wife team, Karen and Steve Stahr have been active members of KDTC and Class Instructors since 1993 when they got their first Golden Retriever puppy, Hobi. Steve was President of KDTC for 4 years and Karen has served various Board roles from Vice President to Board member. Karen has been one of KDTC’s Puppy instructors for 15+ years and also has taught Beginning and Competitive Fundamentals. Steve has been one of KDTC’s regular Beginning instructors for 20 years and also has taught Advanced Beginning. Both Karen and Steve also have been active on several committees and have been supporters of the Kalamazoo Humane Society Annual Dog Walk. In addition to teacher our pet classes, Karen also actively trains and compete in obedience trials with their Gold Retriever, Riggs. Their family includes 10 yr old Breeze who has retired from obedience competition and Mertah, a rescue. She has completed both AKC and UKC earning CD titles on five dogs and one CDX and has had several first placements and one High in Trial.

Outside of KDTC, Karen is a busy insurance agent for a local independent agency in Kalamazoo. She also enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her dogs. Steve is a local jewelry store owner and specializes in jewelry repair and sales, as well as does commercial and residential painting. He enjoys golfing, traveling, and hanging out on their property with their dogs.

Sharri SibertSharri Sibert
I became interested in dog training when a friend referred me and my new Labrador puppy to a local trainer. At the time, I wasn't aware of dog sport. It didn't take long for me to get the bug. I love AKC and UKC Competitive Obedience and Hunt Tests. Dog Sport forms a bond like no other between the dog and it's owner.

I have been teaching Competitive Obedience classes for the club for the past several years. I also am the owner/trainer of Michigan Dog Center where KDTC holds it classes.

I am currently training and competing with Sammy, my black Labrador. Sammy is an AKC and UKC Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh). I also train my newest girl, Juiced a Golden Retriever for both Competitive Obedience and Field Training. 

Summer Classes will run July 12 through August 23.